Louise Bourgeois

Portrait of Louise Bourgeois, from “the Throbbings” series. Oil on canvas and mixed technique, 80x80cm. Sculptor and visual artist, Louise Bourgeois, here with her wrinkled face, is also here the face of what Woman can be. Her body crosses time and marks itself, and to image it, with its malicious wrinkles, is part of my subject. Her work on the body, and the sexual organs, questions man / woman relationships in society, long before the #Metoo era. The relationship she establishes between her female body and her creation gives her her place in “the Throbbings” gallery.

Louise Bourgeois - Oil on canvas,acrylic,varnish - 2020 © Alice Laverty ADAGP Paris 2021


Painting detail Louise Bourgeois
Painting detail Louise Bourgeois
Detail of the Painting Louise Bourgeois