Current artist, Alice Laverty defends, in the form, a figurative painting of our time, and works, fundamentally, on the new stakes of our corporality, at the time of the injunctions of permanent connections. Here, overview of the project " The Throbbings", a serie of portraits ( paintings and digital animation) of women artists, with the portrait of Camille Claudel, Frida Khalo, Beyonce Knowles, Simone de Beauvoir and others.

Requiem for an Autoportrait

© Alice Laverty ADAGP 2023

Requiem for a Self-Portrait Digital work of accumulation hundreds of bic pen drawings. Tribute to realistic drawing, economy of means and transportable work. This work is part of a research on the formatting of the image of our bodies by the hegemony of screens.

Artiste pluridisciplinaire

Alice Laverty peinture visuel 1

A contemporary symbolism. Body research underpins Alice Laverty’s painting. Some achievements linger on the landscape.

Alice Laverty dessin visuel 2

The drawing, the other specialty of Alice Laverty, allows to continue her graphic digging of the body, with lighter techniques. A more conceptual work around the relationship between the body and the new means of communication.

Alice Laverty recherche plastique visuel 3

Photography and installations, the artist explores various media in order to enrich his research.

Mémoire : “Faire écran : Une exhibition contemporaine”, par Alice Laverty