Portrait of Marina Abramovic, from the serie “The Throbbings”. Oil on canvas and mixed technique, 80x80cm. Work around the artist, from the female author. What are the physical and emotional issues when you are an artist, and what are the sacrifices, for what intensity of life. Marina Abramovic is a performer who uses her body as a medium and support for her creation. She dedicated her body to her art, and for that she went so far as to renounce the “procreative” use of the female body. She went to the crossroads between the artist’s creative body and the female body in her biology. And she radically chose how to use her body. And it is by renouncement, by this tiring physical experience between her life as a woman and her life as an artist, and how she manages to transcend that, that she finds her place in the gallery of The Throbbings.