Artist's Biography

Born in 1983, Alice Laverty graduated with a Master’s degree in drawing from the École Supérieure de Dessin Émile Cohl, Lyon, and a Master 2 Research in Creation and Contemporary Plasticity from the University of Paris Sorbonne. With a strong will, she asserts herself as a visual painter who is part of the new French figurative scene.

Whatever the technique, oil, ink or Bic pen, Alice Laverty offers a carnal and spiritual pictorial universe which questions our corporeality in the light of Transhumanism. Fascinated by the individual and the body as a vehicle of emotions, she defends a contemporary figurative approach to the “feminine figure”, the “couple” and the “mother”.

– “We are in search of our individuality but are often all prisoners of the same systems that we carefully construct. All alike in the blind pursuit of our “uniqueness”, all unique, and yet all made of the same material. How do I know where I am; what is “my skin” as Paul Valéry said, and where does that of the other begin? While screen formatting, by “where” to be? In our world which is tearing itself apart over ideas and purchasing power, it is a notion that requires reflection… An artist should paint about his world and his time, finding the universality of all things. My pictorial approach seeks to express the paradox of man today. From its most individual aspect, its enclosing, limiting bodily envelope, to its universality, cellular and emotional. This Modern, Connected individual has all the tools to communicate but he always comes up against the Other, and the solitude of his condition. »

Since her first major solo exhibition “A corps et Désaccord” in 2014, which presented creatures prey to their emotions, and the exhibition “Etre(s) Cellulaire(s)” in 2015, with a proposal for “form and color” of human duality, Alice continues her quest by putting the body and its “emotionality” in the face of new technologies. In 2016, Alice exhibited “Cells & Love”. For this series, Alice Laverty highlights: the hegemony of smartphones in our lives. The artist questions their impact on human relationships. Research that she pursues in her workshop and through her Master Research, drawing inspiration from humanist philosophical theories which attempt to define the creature “Human Being”. In 2017, the struggles of our bodies were exposed in full force at the Ministry of Finance in Bercy with the “Connected Bodies” exhibition. The artist deepens his artistic questions regarding humans, and his addictive relationship with new communication technologies.

In 2018, during the exhibition “Mirroir Miroir”, at Arteppes in Annecy, his research ventured onto more conceptual paths, and the body was defragmented into hundreds of drawings, locked in the formats of our screens, then comes to life and decomposes again, evanescent. And she is currently continuing her research with projects with other young artists on the contemporary figuration scene. In 2021, there is the major solo exhibition “Les Palpitantes” in Haute Savoie, which presents a large series of portraits of women artists, heads floating in expressive hands. All these portraits, in a scenography which connects them by a red thread, surround the viewer and put him face to face with great female destinies. “Les Palpitantes” highlights the journeys of women artists for whom the female body was intimately intertwined with the artistic production of the subjects. “Les Palpitantes” will be exhibited in Marnaz (74) with new figures, in 2024. Alice Laverty worked and lived in the United States as a portraitist-caricaturist and painter, then, after a stint at the artists’ squat “59 Rivoli”, she participated in several solo and group exhibitions (Paris, Milan, London) , at the Cow Parade Edition 2015, and continues her work as a painter in a private studio. Alice Laverty’s work is exhibited in various places, contemporary art spaces, public, institutional and private places, galleries (Paris, Milan, London). and its collectors are located all over the world (United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Germany, USA, Belgium) Mola 2016 selection, Salon d’Automne 2020, European Painting Prize 2022 during the Business Art Fair Paris. Alice Laverty left Paris, lives and works in Haute-Savoie, between Annecy and Geneva. Artist involved with sensitive audiences in the defense of freedom of expression and French secularism with NGOs. She is also an illustrator for publishing and visual communication.