July 16 to August 05, 2021

Exhibition Les Palpitantes

Meet the great women artists who made our century and shed light on the beginning of the millennium.

From 05 to 18 March 2021

Collective exhibition at Galerie Thuillier

Come and meet 4 of my Palpitantes, the elders of my strong women and incredible artists.

Du 18 janvier 2018 au 10 mars 2018

from 21st june to 31st december 2018

Artworks exhibition at the Lucky Batsard Geneve

6 avenue Henri Dunant, 1205 Geneve. The Lucky Bastard, atypical bar of the center of Geneva, and tattoo workshop, shows, all the summer, some works and drawings of Alice Laverty.

The 6th of september 2018


The Annemasse Library (74) invites Alice Laverty to talk about her work during a conference open to the public on Thursday, September 6, 2018 at 2.30 pm

Du 07 juin 2018 au 31 juillet 2018

MOLA Exposition

Parc de la Porte Verte, Versailles, (78). Permanent exhibition of 40 works reproduced and arranged in the gardens of the Park.

Exhibition from the 18th of january 2018 to the 10th of march 2018.

From 15 th to 18th of october 2020

Salon d'Automne

Salon d’Automne Paris, from the 15th to the 18th of october 2020. Avenue des Champs Elysées. Paris, France.